In between the hard work and the coffee breaks there is always time for a little fun, a few dogs, a lot of flowers, and some laughs!
This is life on the Ridge…

Walking in the Gardens

Just another beautiful summer ahead of us, walking through the gardens looking at what is popping up and what is still to come!

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Fungi Bride and The Phineas Swann!

What does fungus have in common with flowers you say? They both go great in a bouquet! One of our brides was very enthusiastic about incorporating mushrooms and all sorts of fungi into her wedding arrangements and as you can imagine we were just as excited! Special thanks to Michaela King Photography for providing us […]

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Pick Your Own Flowers!

Pick your own is a great way to choose your flowers and have fun with friends in the gardens! We love seeing smiling faces gathering beautiful flowers for their special day! It is even more fun when you have a local professional photographer to help make those candid moments into beautiful memories too! Many thanks […]

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Full Wedding Features!

Weddings can oftentimes be overwhelming and stressful; so many designs, choices, themes, and ideas! We understand that in order to make the most of your wedding it must reflect exactly what you desire for your special day! We also understand that you might not always know what you are looking for until you see it! […]

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Tram Ride!

Part of the request from this weekends’ wedding party was that we create an arbor design for the happy couple that includes pieces of their personality among their flowers. Where did we set this up you ask? Why, at the very top of Jay of course! So the team packed up our flowers, tools, and […]

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Fun in the Sun!

Flower Fun

Although it was a little overcast today I went out to take some pictures anyway! Even the Guinea Hens participated in the photo shoot!

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Ah! Spring…

After a long winter there is nothing better than stepping off your porch onto cool soft grass smelling the freshly tilled earth and feeling the warmth of the sun! The flowers are enjoying it too! The Ridge is in full spring mode and everyone is loving it out here, and you should too, after all […]

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On your mark, get set, BOIL !

‘Tis the season of sweet and it is finally showing signs of spring around Raven Ridge! Sugaring¬†has begun!

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Tapping in…to our local Sugar Bush that is!

Check out my tag-a-long day in the Sugar Bush during tapping season! Are you ready for Sugaring?!

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